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The Excitement of a Brand New Year

The end of November, I published my first novel. Sharp Focus is the first book in a series of mysteries featuring a photographer sleuth. I had already self-published short stories, but this was the first novel and I was making it available both as digital and as POD. Learning covers and formatting was like going back to school again. A huge learning curve, but kind of fun as well.

Right after publication, I left the country for a trip to Europe. I had a wonderful time seeing the Christmas markets in Austria, Germany and Prague, but I felt like half of me was at home, anxiously waiting to see how my book baby was being received.

My marketing plan is to wait until I have a larger body of work before I fully push for sales and readers, but I can happily say that my first book has met my sales expectations (admittedly low as a first time novelist). I come into this new year, 2014, with a feeling of accomplishment as well as a daunting list of projects to complete now that I have the ball rolling.

My friends and family have been amazingly supportive and I thank all of them for their encouragement and purchases.

Some things to look forward to this year are publication of Depth of Field: the second in the mystery series, a contemporary fantasy novel, a romantic suspense novel, more short stories and compilations, and then…we’ll see how much time is left in the year. I’ll be posting more regular updates, hopefully weekly, on this blog as to how things are going as well as my observations on this literary life.

Paper and digital at Amazon, digital at B&N, iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords

Paper and digital at Amazon, digital at B&N, iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords


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Resolution Time

It’s the end of the year and that means it is time to make some resolutions for 2012.  I do this every year and am sometimes successful, sometimes not.  This last year I wasn’t perfect in meeting my goals but I met enough of them that I feel it was successful.  I like to keep my list of resolutions year to year so that I can look at the changes I’ve made in my life, see how my goals have changed over time, and in particular review my successes.  It’s often too easy to see our failures.  We need to take the time to savor our wins.

If you’re interested in resolutions for writers, J A Konrath has an excellent blog and he re-posts the resolution lists he has made since he started the blog.

Here’s my own list for 2012:

I will write every day.  Really.  And if I’m not writing, I’m editing.  If you’ve heard of NaNoWriMo, you’ll be familiar with extreme writing challenges.  Consider this my writing year.

I will self publish at least one ebook this year.  I will also consider self-publishing a paper book with Createspace or Lulu.

I will continue to earn extra income with freelance writing.  I think it’s good to practice writing in different styles and to investigate new subjects for articles.  Plus the money doesn’t hurt.

I will start a photo blog.  I want to keep up my visual arts skills.  I’ll provide a link to it when it is set up.

I will run a half-marathon this year.  With all of the writing I’ll be doing, I’ll be spending a lot of time with my butt in a chair.  I need to counteract that somehow.

I will watch a lot less television.  Who would have  the time?  I certainly won’t.  I still have a day job and a long commute I need to do 5 days a week.

I think this is enough for one year.  There’s always a list of smaller things I want to get done, but these are the big goals and the ones I need to focus on.  Do you write your own resolutions list?  How do you stay focused on them as the year progresses?

Have a wonderful New Year’s weekend and please stay safe.

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