Out Now:

Sharp Focus, a Rowan O’Donnell mystery


Professional photographer, Rowan O’Donnell, working on a photo essay about the homeless, learns someone is killing street people in Denver and her own life is in danger.

Available now in paper and digital at Amazon. Available in digital at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. Request paper copies at your favorite independent bookseller. ISBN: 978-1494759063



Coming soon:  Depth of Field, book #2


4 responses to “Novels

  1. Heather, You are great. Can’t believe you are doing this. So good for your mind and progress in life. Always thought writing would be fun, but I don’t have the will. What can I say. Keep up the good work, and I promise to read some of your things soon. Too much going on right now. Sorry. Miss you at the meetings. Mary G

  2. Sarietha

    Heather, I admire your courage to write and publish and wish you every success that comes with each new piece. Keep up the good work, Dear!

  3. CR

    Hey Heather-Ms Tina told me about yr new novel-congratulations!! xoxo Carla

    • Hi, Carla!
      Things were crazy with the books release and then a trip to Europe (not complaining – (-;). Just now getting to updating the blog. It’s great to hear from you. Hope you’re doing well. I’m exciting about the book and the many projects I have planned for this year.

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