A Short but Lovely Season

I’m sitting at my writing desk with the window open next to me. A soft breeze and the sounds of birdsong and children are drifting in. My coffee cup has steam rising from it and the lovely scent of roasted beans fills my head. I love this time of year when I can open the windows and have life complement the stories going on in my head. I have such a small amount of time to enjoy it though. Before I know it I’ll have to shut the windows against the heat while artificial AC fills the room. And only a couple of weeks ago we had snow, so the windows were shut against that as well.

I’ll stop whining now and just enjoy the spring weather I have. I’m filled with optimism. Now that my traveling has ended for the time being and my broken shoulder is mending, my work days have been productive and on schedule. Such a relief! My writing schedule for now is daily from 8 a.m. to Noon. I’m still writing in the afternoons when I feel like it, but I’m leaving that time open as well for daily chores and appointments as well as just time away from the desk. I have to allow myself time to read, walk, or enjoy art or music. Otherwise, my well runs dry and I my imagination gets stuck.

I hope your own springtime is fruitful (at least for those of you in the northern hemisphere).




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2 responses to “A Short but Lovely Season

  1. marjorie Oliver-Stumpf

    I too sit and hear the birds and school children. This is kinda new for us as we are just starting to enjoy our new neighborhood. After 40 years (on the farm) we moved to a ranch home with a small yard and we now have close neighbors which we have not had in the past. It all feels good and the evening breezes here end our day on an enjoyable note. Majorie

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