Making the leap

For the next year, I will be serious about my writing.  I have nominally been working on a novel for the past several years, but it is time to make the commitment if I want to become a full-time writer in 2013.  I will be using this blog as my own source of motivation but also to record the trials and tribulations of a writer spending the early hours before dawn and the evening hours after work, honing her craft.

I will also be sharing some of my short stories.  Once a week I will post a serial entry of the latest short story in the pages section of this blog.  Feedback is welcome and you’ll eventually be able to buy them as ebooks as I venture into the self-publishing world of Smashwords.

So, working full-time at my day job, writing novels and short stories in my off hours while also working on my photography career? (That’s something for another blog).  Work, work, work.  I can do this!  Wish me luck.



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4 responses to “Making the leap

  1. Barbara Ormsby

    You have luck, you have talent, all you need is stamina! Keep up the good work.

  2. Sarietha

    I am pretty sure that one of these days we’ll all be saying “I knew Heather when…..” Best of luck to you as you set out on your journey of writing that novel! The first step is usually the hardest one to take. Go get ’em, Girl!

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